July 19, 2022

Tenant Screening Companies Profit from Eviction Records, Driving Housing Insecurity

Our op-ed in Shelterforce

Natasha Duarte and Tinuola Dada


We wrote an op-ed in Shelterforce describing how tenant screening companies profit from eviction records and drive housing insecurity. Drawing from our recent paper, "How to Seal Eviction Records," we describe the tenant screening industry and how sealing eviction records at the point of filing is an important step toward dismantling the industry's harmful practices:

Eviction is a consequence of an unaffordable housing system that prioritizes the interests of investors and owners and is built on a history of segregation and discrimination. In a world in which evictions persist, sealing eviction records not only lessens the impact of evictions on tenants, but also delegitimizes the tenant screening industry and its claims that these records can or should be used to predict tenancy outcomes. Restricting access to eviction records also helps shift the power relationship between landlords and tenants by limiting landlords’ ability to threaten tenants’ future housing access.