Mariah de Leon

Research Associate

A big fan of books, baseball, and baking. Guided by honesty and neverending to-do lists.

Mariah is a research associate at Upturn. As a recent graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, Mariah has primarily been involved in academic research pertaining to her personal interests in housing, the carceral state, and racial justice across all of its intersections. In the housing sphere, Mariah has focused on algorithmic bias in the tenant screening process as a significant barrier to accessing adequate housing nationwide that replicates existing disparities in credit systems, the carceral system, and eviction filings. Mariah aspires to advance equity and justice in a world increasingly dominated by technology through her work at Upturn.

Mariah earned her B.A. in Sociology and Psychology with a minor in Human Rights Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.