Victoria Copeland

Senior Policy Analyst

Survives off of lumpia. Rogue social worker. Lover of the nap ministry.

Fiona Dale

Operations Coordinator

Optimist. List-maker. Motivated by happy hours and hard deadlines.

Mariah de Leon

Research Associate

A big fan of books, baseball, and baking. Guided by honesty and neverending to-do lists.

Natasha Duarte

Project Director

An honest but humble critic. Chooses her words carefully. Loves to get lost in the weeds and find her way back.

Mitra Ebadolahi

Senior Project Director

Compulsively forthright and kind. Librarian’s daughter, letter writer. Dogs, donuts, diaspora.

Mingwei Hsu

Senior Quantitative Analyst

Active listener. Always has a song stuck in his head.

Urmila Janardan

Policy Analyst

Led by curiosity. Equal parts goofy and intense. Avid gardener and biker.

Logan Koepke

Project Director

Curious by default. Deliberate. Will go down the rabbit hole.

Emily Paul

Project Director

Interested in redistributing power around technology to the people most impacted by it. Aspiring poet.

Emma Weil

Policy Analyst

Empathetic and always learning. Loves silliness, the dramatic, and a good critique.

Harlan Yu

Executive Director

Highly excitable, but disturbingly calm under pressure. His default answer is always “yes.”


Harlan Yu


Executive Director

Nabiha Syed


President, The Markup

Paul Ohm


Professor of Law, Georgetown Law

Brandi Collins-Dexter

Board Member

Harvard Shorenstein Center