Flexible and pragmatic. A diplomatic debater. Great at explaining complex board games.

Aaron Rieke is a Managing Director at Upturn. Based in Washington D.C., Upturn advances equity and justice in the design, governance, and use of technology. Recently, Aaron’s work has focused on the impact of new technologies on people’s economic opportunity, in domains including consumer finance, digital advertising, and public benefits. He has authored influential reports on digital marketing discrimination, hiring technologies, online payday lending, lead generation, and new types of credit data. He works closely with major civil rights organizations, local advocates, consumer groups, and companies.

Aaron has more of a decade of experience at the nexus of technology, law, and policy. Before joining Upturn, Aaron served as an Attorney in the Federal Trade Commission’s Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, and was a Ron Plesser Fellow at the Center for Democracy & Technology. He has also worked as a web developer, professional tutor, filmmaker, and forest ranger.

Aaron earned a J.D. from Berkeley Law, where he was a Fellow at the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, with a Certificate of Law and Technology. He earned a B.A. in Philosophy from Pacific Lutheran University.